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Product Name: FR Lydorflam 5014 V2 PP
Product Type: Plastic Materials
Product spec: Phosphorous-nitrogen -brominated-based
Packing: 25Kg/Bag
Post Time: 2018-10-09
Usage: It is widely applied to copolymerization polypropylene (PP).
Description: Flame Retardant Lydorflam 5014 Deion Lydorflam 5014 is a phosphorous, nitrogen and bromine based flame retardant. Fire retardation effect through mechanism of gas phase and condensed phase. Adding 2% can meet V2 UL-94 requirements and can be successfully passed IEC60695-2 Glow Wire Test and needle flame test. Compared with traditional brominated flame retardants, low additive amount and antimony trioxide(Sb2O3) is not required to be added. Typical and Physical Properties Item Unit Parameter Appearance --- White powder Phosphorus Content ≥ , % 25 Bromine Content ≤ , % 2 Moisture ≤ , % 0.5 Initial Decomposition Temperature >, ℃ 275 Note: The data above to test the typical value should not be construed as specifications. Characteristics No precipitation: Baking in 130℃ for 168H, no precipitation on surface. High dielectric strength: dielectric strength > 6000V. Water resistance: Immerse in 75℃ for 168H, has an excellent flame resistance. Meet the requirements of IEC60695-2-13 775℃ and IEC60695-2-12 850℃. Good performance in high temperature thermal ageing, after 150℃, 2000H thermal ageing test still maintains in a good condition. Can be combined with different minerals such as talc powder, barium sulfate, etc. Non-toxic. Typical Applications It is widely applied to copolymerization polypropylene (PP). Precautions Due to less adding proportion, uniform dispersion is required to meet the requirements of flame retardant. Equipment is required to ensure accurate temperature control, to avoid local overheating that resulting in decomposition of flame retardant. Recommended processing temperature setting range: 170℃~ 190℃. Packaging and Storage 25Kg/ Bag. Transported as general chemical, sealed and stored in a dry, cool place, prevent from exposure to sunshine.
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